Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use one of the designs for a tattoo?

If you see a design that you would like to use, go for it. I would love to see a pic, and ask that you tag/credit me as the artist.

How much would a custom tattoo cost?

If I’m available for commissions, pricing starts at $300 for custom tattoo designs. 

How much would a custom letter surrounded by florals cost?

For a simplified floral letter, pricing starts at $150. For every additional letter +$50. Each custom letter will stay original and will not be sold elsewhere. Your custom letter will be an original for your personal art collection.

How much would one or two names, custom lettered surrounded by florals cost?

Due to the complexity and time it takes to create such artwork, I’m not taking commissions for this. 

I saw artwork on your Instagram, but don’t see it for sell on your site. Can I purchase it?

If it’s not already sold or on hold, then you certainly can purchase it. Email me a description or send me a screen shot of the artwork for a price.