Floral Letters and Illustrations

My latest project which has contained these floral letters has been one that has lasted a few months now and has been a dream come true. Back in November 2015, I combined two of my favorite things to illustrate: flowers and type. I started out with the letter B and soon it was picked up by many Instagram curators like Type GangType Matters and, notably Goodtype by Brooke Bucherie which gave me a huge boost in the lettering community.

Floral Letters and Instagram

After seeing all the amazing feedback and hearing many friends say how cool it was, I decided to do the long marathon to complete the alphabet in all floral illustrations. Also, with the brainstorming of my friends of family; and the rise of popularity with adult coloring books, I decided to go one step further and create a coloring book. Working long hours after work, sketching and inking A thru Z, I finally completed all the letters in January 2016.

Since the project took so long, and I invested so much patience, I decided not to rush the process of completing the coloring book. I searched around for the best self-publishing companies and read a lot of reviews. I first began with Blurb because I’ve had a lot of success using their Indesign plugin, and I love the quality of work they produce. After designing the book, I ordered one and loved the quality that Blurb produced. I will continue using them on most of my personal book making. However, while waiting for the coloring book to arrive, I continued to look for the best self-publisher, and I came across Lulu.com and Createspace.com. They both had awesome reviews, but I think having CreateSpace being an Amazon company, I decided to use them to help me publish my first book.

The book is now available on Amazon – Order Here.