South Bay Vibes Stickers Available Now!

I finished a few designs based on the South Bay of Los Angeles and decided to make a sticker pack with a few of the designs. The pack is called South Bay Vibes Stickers and they are $5 on my Big Cartel Store while supplies last. I used my favorite Lifeguard Tower vector line art, the Manhattan Beach Pier, and a pineapple drawing that I just love to spice up the pack. Like all my vector illustrations, I illustrated these using Adobe Illustrator, and then had them produced by StickerApp has such great quality. I was really impressed with the quality and the price is by far a great deal for how many I wanted to produce. For the small quantity I wanted, I was shocked I could get three designs and keep the price under my budget. I highly recommend StickerApp if you ever want to produce your own stickers. For the South Bay Vibes Stickers, the stickers came out a bit smaller than I wanted (they run about 1″ to 1 1/2″), but they are the perfect size for laptops, notebooks, phones, and anything else you can imagine. I’ve shared these packs with several friends and have actually seen them on their laptops, refrigerator and iPhones, so that just put a huge smile on my face to see them being enjoyed.

South Bay Vibes Sticker Pack

The sticker pack includes 4 or each design, so you can share with friends or swarm your favorite item with awesome sticker goodness. This is the 1st Edition of South Bay Vibes, so look out for the next Edition which will include the Palos Verdes Lighthouse. If you have any ideas for the South Bay 2nd Edition, leave a comment on what you’d like to see or have!

South Bay Vibes Stickers Now Available

These sticker packs are available at my Big Cartel shop for $5 (*US Shipping Only).